Full Of Love Challenge!

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Hey guys, you may have seen us post about all of the exciting partnerships and events coming in February. All with ties to or a focus on Self-Love. To start, we will be sponsoring a meetup at the end of February for the Full Of Love Challenge that begins tomorrow morning. The Full Of Love Challenge is a 14 day challenge that will have you take some deliberate actions to choose love. I participated last year, and even revisited the challenge throughout 2016 when everyday challenges left me feeling a bit off balance. The theme for this year’s Full Of Love Challenge is “Love Over Fear”. In a time where fear comes so easily, it can be hard to show love to others and yourself. We just need to remember that when we choose love, fear loses every time. If you have 30-45 minutes a day to focus on yourself, you should DEFINITELY sign up for the challenge. Thanks to the amazing Nakeia Drummond for letting BLK//SUGAR be a part of the challenge, and also bringing it back for a second year. Click the click the Full Of Love image above to sign up and begin your journey to Self-Love.

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